Books to Jails

Support Teen Readers Incarcerated in NYC

We are honored to partner with Friends of Island Academy, a nonprofit organization cultivating opportunities for the youngest people in New York City jails throughout their incarceration and following release into the community. Please join us in supporting their Books to Jails initiative to get books into the hands of young people at Horizon Juvenile Center right here in our neighborhood in the South Bronx.   

We believe that these young people, like all teenagers, should have access to the books they want to read. The books on this wish list have been personally requested by 17-year-olds currently in pre-trial detention (meaning they have not been found guilty of a crime) at Horizon, or thoughtfully selected by advocates who work personally with these youth, most of whom are held due to an inability to pay bail.  

Although there is a library service at this facility, its budget and scope are severely limited and it can take months for a book to arrive after being requested by a young person, who by that stage may have been sentenced and moved to another facility or released.   

This initiative hopes to provide joy, access to knowledge, and support to young people who need so much more care than they receive in our current criminal justice system.

Note: We appreciate offers to donate used books, but at this time we are only able to accept books purchased through the wishlist.

How to Help

Once you've selected the books you'd like to send from this wishlist, please choose "In-store pick-up" as your shipping method at checkout. We will ensure that your books are delivered to Horizon Juvenile Center.