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A bookstore-without-walls for kids, teens, families, and educators in the Bronx and beyond.

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It's true: you can find cheaper books and free shipping elsewhere online. But when you buy from us you're supporting a small, locally-owned business that's bringing more books to kids in the Bronx, a community without a children's bookstore for its 600,000 residents under the age of 18. Your money will circulate throughout the Bronx, and your purchase will support people, not corporate algorithms.

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About Us


Boogie Down Books™ is a bookstore-without-walls for Bronx kids, teens, families, and educators.


We're a start-up empowering Bronx kids, teens, caregivers, and educators through transformative reading experiences and inspiring events.


We're developing pop-up events, mobile book sales, author events, workshops, and  literacy initiatives in collaboration with community partners.

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Bring books to your business, school, or organization!

We can provide books of your choice at a discount and make recommendations customized for your community's mission and goals. We can also provide books for your next book fair, fundraiser, or giveaway. And we have numerous community partnerships with local schools, organizations, and small businesses in the Bronx and beyond. If you're interested in introducing new literacy initiatives in your community or enhancing existing ones, we'd love to hear from you!

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We respect the privacy of all members of our community. We do not share or post photographs or video in which individuals are identifiable unless we have express written permission from them or a parent/guardian. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please email us at